We’re bunch of enthusiasts who come from different domains of fashion, brand consulting, digital, technology, data, customer service & operations to introduce the newest in fashion to the masses. We started back in 2013 out of a start-up boom to help brands penetrate markets especially in a closely competed and largely untouched Indian market but who could have thought that our understanding of this market and our outstanding commitment towards the customer would bring us closer to our dream of building LIGOBRANDS
With LIGOBRANDS, we are inching towards revamping the Indian understanding of Fashion in respect to international fashion at affordable prices with our specially curated shoes, bags & wallets & other accessories for men of our times & ahead.
At LIGOBRANDS, we introduce to our patrons a digital-buying platform for our multiple inhouse brands. From the flagship products of Escaro Originals to European Fast fashion range of Chris & Kate & Traditional range of Krupam merchandizes – LIGOBRANDS is the one stop e-shop for revamping your style.
Do write of us at: Patrons@ligobrands.com